Corporate Mobility

Corporate Fitness Consulting and Training services

Employees are only able to let their best work shine when they’re rested, healthy and energized. Research shows that exercise, nutrition, and recovery play a vital role in increased employee efficiency, productivity and happiness in the workplace.

Fitness is your Remedy, Mobility is your Prescription

Statistics show that companies who invest in corporate wellness programs have employees who eat more healthily, lose more weight, and miss less days due to illness. Investing in the health of your employees is investing in the future success of your company. Corporate fitness and wellness programs reduce costs of insurance premiums and workers compensation claims. Employees are less prone to injury and more resistant to fatigue mentally and emotionally.

Customized Solutions
to Meet Your Company's Needs

Corporate consulting is customized to your corporate culture and company needs:
Video presentations on healthy lifestyle
One on One personal training sessions
Private and Semi-Private Small Group
Training for Women, Men, Moms and
Large Group Training (at lunch or
Before/After work)
Recovery oriented sessions including
meditating, yoga, and activities to
destress employees

High caliber fitness training, delivered to your business