sarah adler

sarah adler

Sarah Adler, MS (in progress), NASM CPT

Speed/Endurance Specialist and Fitness Consultant



Sarah completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Northeastern University and is currently pursuing her Master of Science Degree in Nutrition at Boston University to become a Registered Dietitian. Sarah has a passion for assisting athletes with proper fueling patterns—focusing on adequate energy intake to promote peak athletic performance, strength gains, and injury prevention. As a former Division I cross country and track athlete, she continues to race competitively in middle-distance events including the 800m and mile. She is a NASM certified personal trainer with experience coaching runners at the collegiate level. Her skills include tailoring training plans to the individual needs of the athlete, building base mileage, and strength-endurance training plans in the weight room that translate over to speedier times on the track, trails, or roads..

Interests: Running, hiking, reading, beaching, traveling, and testing out new & nutritious recipes

Education and experience

Northeastern University
Bachelor of Science
Boston University
Master of Science (in progress)

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